SEO I’m doing on Instagram. The seventh time, the final, is management of follow list and follower list.

投稿日(Posted) : 2021/7/11



There is an FF ratio (follow-follower ratio) as an index to measure the influence of an account. In order to grow your account, it is a common practice to actively follow and like. On the other hand, if you do just that action, the FF ratio will always be around “1”.


I will unfollow according to a certain standard. I can’t recommend imitating it, but for reference. Basically, except for close friends, I unfollow in the following cases.
・ When unfollowed
・ If there is no post (or deleted)
・ If there is no post in the last 6 months
・ When the number of followers is 1/100 or less of my own


You can check if you are being followed or not by opening the other person’s follow list. I open my follow list about once a week, check the status at random, and unfollow to control so that the number of followers does not increase too much. I don’t know if the FF value affects the scoring of posts. Rather than an algorithm measure, I’m doing it as a human measure.



Also, for followers, I try to delete long-term dormant accounts. Most followers who haven’t posted in the last two years have been deleted from me. I think the ratio of active users to the number of followers is also an important indicator. I don’t know if this is also an algorithm measure, but it is regularly implemented as a human measure. I’m glad if you can use it as a reference.


Well, I’ve written my Instagram SEO seven times, but how was it? What I’ve said so far, I can say that taking good pictures and posting them on Instagram is the best SEO. This is because Instagram’s algorithm requires users to post high quality, which leads to providing users with a comfortable SNS life. On the contrary, I think that it is designed to eliminate conspicuousness in an unnatural way.


Before taking the some technique, improve your photographic skills first ! The definition of “good photo” is different for each person, and there are many people in the world who think that it is good for niche photos. Photography is a way to communicate in a non-verbal way. It’s been a wonderful time to be able to get people all over the world to see your photos at such a low cost. I’m still studying photography. If you don’t know what a good photo is and you think my photo is good, please let me know. Let’s enjoy the pictures together. Have a nice Instagram life! (Terrible English, Sorry…)